Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Emotional Intelligence at the IET

Achieving High Performance through Emotional Intelligence at the IET
I went to the above titled event at Savoy Place last night (a historic radio address), not really knowing quite what to expect I was suitably over impressed. Not sure if all I heard was true summarised below but it was good to see a speaker, in this case Michael Nicholas who was very much at the top of his game.
Michael an ex air-force officer was talking very well about Emotional Intelligence (EI) which is a theme gathering traction in management speak.
The concept of EI is harnessing some of the stuff you’re not always aware of (blink which I’m currently reading covers this area too)
His 4 tips for the evening were (and I think there’s a flow/narrative here):
1) Focus on becoming much more aware of your feelings in the moment – i.e. choose your emotions (it is your choice)
2) Choose a better attitude.
3) When you take somebody else’s perspective, a result will be an increase in empathy and establishment of a rapport.
4) Nothing worthwhile ever gets done alone –Nurture your relationships
Some good points/areas to follow up and inspire you are
Cliff Young, the Australian runner
Goethe used more words than Shakespeare
Edison, who used the power of thoughts close to sleep.
Gandhi a leader who earned his leadership.
And for light relief read about the cookie thief
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