Saturday, November 18, 2006

What a week in media

ITV saga continues
Perhaps NTL got it right Sky have spent nearly a billion to make life difficult for those who want an ITV/NTL merger. RTL owners of Channel Five are also said to be considering a bid, this though methinks exposes the lack of value of their own channels.
Despite the bad mouthing that is going on ITV has what other companies want and need compelling content, the truth of the matter is that TV is now operating in a far more competitive market and ITV is not doing that badly (that’s not to say it couldn’t do better) –I still fancy a so called New Media company deal long term (perhaps Yahoo). The thing is Sky paid 135p per share and has put titself in the driving seat while ITV has no effective CEO.
As a sideline issue Sky can probably bring some pressure to its new best friend ITV on its involvement in the yet to be launched satellite version of Freeview which the BBC and other non Sky channels has been championing.
And amongst other blows to the BBC
The BBC’s battle for an above or even pegged at inflation rate settlement and if that was not enough it seems Channel four has outflanked it on a broadband TV vision.
Channel Four is to make content delivery on demand a paying proposition, this has ramifications for the BBC who are looking to put a fair amount of their content on the net for UK viewers for free, a free offering would certainly have implications for companies seeking to commercialise such a service. The idea that licence fee payers should super serve broadband users is also questionable
BT in deals
BT as well as being in the market for buying broadband users is moving out of satellite as seen with the sale of their Broadcast Satellite interests, what’s slightly surprising is that reports say they’ll retain the Occasional Use (Ad hoc Sports and News coverage events need these) element which had been the original trigger for them to seek a buyer.
BT could of course be another potential buyer of ITV PLC
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