Sunday, October 08, 2006

this week ..


I went to see the Devil wears Prada and to my surprise I really quite enjoyed it. Meryl Streep was very amusing and the craft in the film was evident- some fine use of music plus cities of  New York and Paris always make  attractive backdrops - not earth shattering but another film that I stayed awake throughout and the cinema was full.

The two big media stories for the week ahead are
1) Google to take over Youtube, which I'm not sure will happen and don't think is desirable .
2) ITV's search for a new CEO which now seems to be turning into ITV looking for a new CEO and also a new chairman.

The other interesting development is the start of 18 Doughty Street a political news service TV delivered by IP unencumbered by OFCOM's need for a balanced view it will not be the usual muddy centre (it's a right leaning outfit). If it's well funded it could be worth watching - it could tho' be awful.
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