Saturday, September 02, 2006

New Phone and selling old stuff

I'm impressed with Carphone Warehouse, what they've said would happen has happened, my phone arrived ands my new contract. Seems that the move away from landlines is likely to continue, I'm a bit of a dinosaur in terms of making a phone call but many people do not feel restricted and want to use a 'proper' phone.

So what does this mean?
From my point of view I've got more minutes for less time and a more sophisticated phone - I suppose call costs will move towards being free and that Video calls will become the norm - here's a company that's (hopefully) involved in making things like this happen.

I've launched myself on Ebay (not literally), I did say at the beginning of the year I'd try to get rid of things when I bought new ones and I've got a super new Satellite TV receiver (again) company selling was quite good. Putting the entries on Ebay seemed quite straightforward, time will tell if anyone wants the devices.
(any ideas for an old v635 Motorola phone?)
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