Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Week

eating outUsually I'm positive about restaurants I visit but Friday was one of the slowest meals for a long time (poor service) - I suppose we have now been exposed to Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Hells' (or whatever it's called) and think we could do better - in the case almost certainly could it's a slow Thai eatery.You can see what others thought here.
Went to see the Black Dahlia (film), it was quite a ‘dense’ film but nonetheless an engaging
experience and a film which I managed to stay awake through.
out of town
Yesterday when I went to get the morning paper I saw a friend of mine from University who lives locally, he took voluntary redundancy
this spring and has decided to leave London, he and his girlfriend are going to build an ecological house somewhere in the country
They have their plot of land with planning permission accepted and have now got to sell their current prop
erty and start the project - the idea is to go the whole hog with producing electricity and collecting water. It’s certainly a change of lifestyle for them both.
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