Monday, September 25, 2006

Mooching around

For some time now I've had a problem with shelves, particularly with reference to books.
They get full up - books are too cheap but I can't throw them away so what has happened is every now and then I've stuck one in the post to an old school friend in Bristol.

Now I've an alternative for books I think Kevin won't want BookMooch
It's free - you add the books you no longer want and get credits (of books) in return.

I've just had my first taker for the books I've offered up (Les tells me it's arrived) for ipod therefore I am - I'll hopefully get something interesting, we'll see. perhaps the model works for Videos/DVDs.

Home exhibition

We went to excel (London-ish trade show venue) on Sunday for property show -Bulgaria seems to be the hot spot to buy investment properties and there were plenty of people drifting around the show but for me no spark.
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