Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The wild west

On visiting allotment site on Sunday really worried when I saw the shed door open...
Sad to say I (like many on the site) must report that I'd been robbed with some tools, radio  and a couple of old jackets taken - wouldn't think the perpetrator would get much more than £10 from selling what they took.
As you can see from this Leicester report this problem is widespread (and can be very sad).
Main lesson for me don't leave anything that you don't have to - no spades forks etc. were taken so I guess portability is important to the thieves. There's some damage to the shed door and bolt but not sure if it's better to leave pretty much as is -thieves can easily return and damage limitation seems the best way forward.
My plot neighbour wasn't surprised seems it goes with the territory (ha ha).

One of two
On a more positive note here's one of my two apples picked at the w/e bit sharp but nice and crisp.