Sunday, September 16, 2012

The future of radio

During the week I took the opportunity of the RCS hosting a Media Society event to learn a little of the thoughts around where Radio is going.
(How difficult it feels now to actually tightly define what Radio is - is a podcast radio for example?)
The panel leading the discussion was made up of

Matthew Bannister  who now  presents ‘Last Word’ on BBC Radio 4 and ‘Outlook’ on the BBC World Service but at what time was on the board of BBC directors and spent some time leading Radio one.
Jumoké Fashola  presenter of ‘Inspirit’ on BBC London and  Ronnie Scott's Radio Show on Jazz Fm;
Mark Goodier – a broadcaster now working  for Smooth Radio and owner of Wise Buddah who was national figure at Radio one in the eighties.
John Myers ­– ceo The Radio Academy, chair of Sony Radio Awards committee
Tim Collins  who's senior producer for The Jeremy Vine Show on  BBC Radio 2 and chaired the whole thing most capably.

Challenges(of course)  included Social media along with getting the radio listeners of the future on board but where radio scores is with the 'trapped' listener in the car.
As you'd expect there were some real radioheads there and one questioner seemed to think getting more transmission of  BBC radio in the USA should be a priority (which I didn't really get).
At the end of the day it was thought provoking and for me for some reason free.