Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Jubilee shed

The bank holiday weekend has been a mixed bag weather-wise in the west London district that I call home- on Saturday  and Monday I made good use of my time planting out Lemon Grass, Celery and Peppers as wells as weeding and earthing up potatoes.
Actually away on holiday for a week so not sure how tomatoes, cucumbers  and melons will cope hopefully the weather will include some rain  and I have fed various plantings with a general fertilizer.
What do I think about the Royal 60th? Well I suppose it would be difficult to ignore the achievement of Liz II  as it's a long time doing one job but being in  position to celebrate stability of UK  does not make the monarchy the best example for a country to sre itself (government by accident of birth).
On a side note looking at the blog stats I was slightly surprised to find that there are people who read this - if you've got a comment do let me know, if you want me to change the style or content I'd be interested to hear about it - there'll be some comments and snaps when we get back from Lake Garda vacation!