Monday, December 19, 2011

Shed base and the death of Chris Hitchens

Now I decided to start the Shed base today and have made some progress (see picture) quite impressed to see that there is a video to help me too.
The job does requires some tools and as I'm away from electricity I'm having to use a rechargable drill.
That and the weather turning wet means I've not yet finished the base but Tuesday looks a better weather forecast.

I was sad to learn of Chris Hitchen's death - he seems to have been an admirable person and I can relate to how he feels about the changes that have befallen society - there was a time when Utopia was something that seemed to be a goal worth striving for - sadly consumerism appears to have removed this from most people's radar. The view that we all should have more and that only competition will improve our 'lives' is shallow but in the current climate to decry it is a heresy too far.

As Hitchens said..

There is no longer a general socialist critique of capitalism --certainly not the sort of critique that proposes an alternative or a replacement. There just is not and one has to face the fact, and it seems to me further that it’s very unlikely, though not impossible, that it will again be the case in the future. Though I don’t think that the contradictions, as we used to say, of the system, are by any means all resolved.

So rare now to see the word even used.
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