Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shed as a kit

So the good news is that my shed is here - the less good news is that I've got to put it together (actually not really bad news - think it might be fun).
The shed (7 x 5 -shouldn't be too surprised that sheds remain imperial) was delivered by a very nice guy who had driven down from Newark (Walton's base) he called 30 minutes before he arrived as promised and I helped him unload at allotment gates - then for me to move it to 202b (our plot)
Although the shed was ordered from Tesco Direct - I'd think it could be worth dealing directly with Waltons- not because anything has been wrong with service but Tesco is big enough to look after itself and be good to see the little guys prosper.

The picture above shows what it looks like now - I've got some wood treatment to use on it (greens) and a padlock, next to it will be composting and a storage box -hopefully there'll be another more exciting picture for next week.

There are some great shed websites here's one - very aspirational...

The first few frosts don't appear to have wiped out my Beans, Garlic or Shallots - I did pull some weeds up that are near the soft fruit bushes on Saturday as they are still sprouting!
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