Sunday, May 02, 2010

End to uncertainty?

it appears that there are business decisions that are on hold waiting for the outcome of Thursdays UK election - these go from major infrastructure programmes to office moves, there is a danger (for business) that the election will not bring a clear end to the Blair years.

The site of a tired and out of sorts Brown is not going to win the Labour party votes particularly when the alternative (or alternatives) is a relatively charismatic and charming upper middle class man (or men if you include Nick Clegg),Will this sway me when I vote for my local MP on Thursday - no, I will choose the candidate I trust and the party I trust.

Will it mean that we have a clear mandate for a new government? To be honest I don't know and that is not really my job, I can not second guess what others will do but I plan to exercise my democratic prerogative and vote.

I hope that it means the major projects planned will go ahead (but not new Heathrow runway) and ITV can get the changes it wants- it's going to be quite a week.
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