Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well the Paradigm has well and truly shifted (perhaps) with another TV debate by the leaders of the UK major political parties keeping the Lib Dems in the frame for a coalition government or so it seems.

I'm not so sure that people will always vote for the person/party that they feel has won a TV debate, which brings us to the question do we vote for what we believe? (or perhaps we vote for the party that we think will do best for us and our nearest and dearest? )
Anyway 3rd debate this week and I reckon Brown might surprise us.

ITV new boss arrives as mood music improves.

Interesting that the decision to run QVC and gambling overnight on ITV has been made ahead of the arrival of ex Post office boss Adam Crozier by all accounts he's got a fantastic deal and the ad market has started to pick up - lucky or what?
Seems ITV might try and acquire C5 too - it's got some bankable shows and the synergy looks good.

Good Programme on McLaren

Watched the Yentob tribute to Malcolm on BBC iplayer - is linear TV dying even for me?
And the press
Have been given two copies a day of the free cut down independent , can't see it'll be doing too much for their sales also for a change bought the Observer today and thought what a good paper it is.
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