Sunday, November 29, 2009

Horticultural Highlights

Hopefully this won't have driven loads of people thinking they'd find links or tips on legal equivalents to mind altering hallucinogenics.
It is rather to recommend the West London home of Capel Manor college which is situated in Gunnersbury Park at the Ealing and Hounslow borders.
Last week was pretty much a full stop on my connection as I attended the awards ceremony held at Trailfinders in West Ealing. Trailfinders is a great venue (we saw the fireworks display here this year) and food that was provided was very good too.

Sadly only3 of the class of 2008/9 BTEC certificate were there but also in attendance were lecturers and other students which made for a great evening. If you get a chance to do a course there do take it up, it's a fantastic place with marvelous people and gardening is a great thing to do.

Well done Ed on your Prize and Gerry thanks for making sure we recognized our year teachers efforts.
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