Sunday, November 22, 2009

The birth of RADAR - career highlights

During the week I went to an IET London presentation on how RADAR started, there were a few reasons why I decided to attend, one being that my post degree employ,ment pretty much started off in RADAR (Marconi's in Chelmsford) also that my father had been employed in Radar and had been involved in its early days during WWII.

Now to be frank I didn't really learn too much from the lecture given by a guy in his 90's (Laurence Tandy)but he was impressive in his memory and his energy.

What the talk did remind me of was that many of us have a 'golden age' in our careers when we're in tune with what's happening and that this is a time we can re-live but probably not recreate, I feel fortunate in that, looking back I have more than one, and perhaps even more to come!
( I even had to look up what RADAR stood for - it's RAdio Detection And Ranging)
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