Sunday, May 13, 2012

Boxing clever

I wouldn't want anyone to think that everything I plant is a great success - this week I've planted out my Artichokes about 4 or 5 (look like they might survive) and Sprouts (about 30% chance of one of 3or 4 plants), as a back up I've started a load more sprouts but they're later than they should be.
Similarly with Sweetcorn and peppers - exposed them too early to  the weather and am now starting more. I've put in more carrots and beetroot and planted out some questionable peas and a few beans. Melons and cucumbers now look good (indoors) but will need to take care when I plant them out. On the left work continues on my compost enclosure on the  right you can see a picture of the plot as inherited it last August.
Look out for the latest instalment of 7up (did they know it was a drink in 1964/5?) they're on 56up now and it'll be interesting to learn what they've been up to in the intervening years since 49up (not a drink as far as I know.)
On the subject of boxing clever - Will Jeremy Hunt last the week as Culture secretary ? My feeling is he probably will but I'm not sure he should.