Sunday, April 15, 2012

more sowing

Saturday -I've not been neglecting the plot and now we have water again on the ite I am optimistic that growth will move forward (sounds like acertain Mr. Osborne).
Yesterday planted cauliflowers that were started from seed, some more radishes as well as Turnips (atlantic) and Swede. Each day now peppers, sweetcorn and some Tomatoberry plants spend time outside but bring them in at night to avoid the possible frosts.
Have stated from seed some Lemon Grass and Asparagus and more Sweetcorn too.
I've got a Water Butt from Wickes to install but will need guttering too.

Sunday we visited Kew Gardens -it's really something worth seeing and supporting, different each time you visit, Peacoks, Swans and ducks to see along with some lovely trees including somne smashing redwoods. Here's a photo' of Kew that I quite like almost like a painting.
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