Monday, March 19, 2012

DGs past and future and the joy of compost

Last week I went to hear Mark Thompson the current BBC DG talk about his time in the post - when Steve Hewlett quizzed him the questions were looking back at what had been achieved by him in the top UK broadcasting job, so it is no surprise today to find that he has now announced a departure timetable.
Having heard a few DGs and other associated broadcasting bigwigs speak it is noticeable how uncharismatic Mark is as a public speaker, few jokes and less self deprecating than many in the media world. Having said that he does give the impression of seriousness and gravitas valuse underated currently. History will be able to judge his a period (a long one by present standards)he agreeed a deal with the Governemnt on the licence which I found personally distateful but it may have been the best that could be made.
Who will follow him? Politically the first femail DG would be a good move and Helen Boaden is a safe pair of hands (who incidentally awarded me a Radio 4 mug when as controller of Radio 4 she took part in a radio event in London). Slightly surprisingly she is a year older than Mark.

On the allotment I delivered some compost and planted a Tayberry bush (cross between Raspberry and Blackberry).

Compost looks really fine created at No 39 over several years -heavy and rich another 3 or bags to take down and condition the soil - have also started more tomatoes and exotic beans.

You can see (left) the house is one big propogating machine.

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