Sunday, November 27, 2011

More old boy reunions real and virtual

So I suppose it ius not uncommon to meet up with old friends at this time of the year and yesterday evening a group of former UWIST (now part of the University of Wales Cardiff) flat sharers and their other halves had a great evening of food and chat - the venue was the Charlotte Street eatery that performs so well in the Tapas area - Navarros.
Thanks To Nick C for organising and great to see Jonathan and Claire, Peter and Tricia, Mike and Liz and of course Susanna and thanks to Debbie for accompanying me – hopefully next time we do this Steve and Eve will be there too.
Now the University of Wales was important in my 'education' but perhaps not as much as Lawford Mead (Primary and Junior) and by the wonders of Linkedin I have found another old pupil of the same era- Roger Harding who seems a very talented actor - check his Youtube stuff here.

Meanwhile at the allotment in the back garden progress continues. Have planted Blackcurrant and redcurrant bushes today along with a Raspberry and Blackberry bush (just about see them on the left) . Weather was really good today and beans look like they'll be planted out soon (pictured on the right) andf these will be followed by early peas.
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