Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lenny rocks the Hammersmith Apollo (27th Oct Concert)

This week as the opportunity presented itself I went to concert by Lenny Kravitz.
Gig going this year has been very much established/historic acts - we've seen Blondie, Bryan Ferry and Dolly Parton - all consummate pro's.
Lenny just about squeezes into this niche for me anyway - I've been listening to his stuff for over 20 years and although this was the first time I'd seen him live it was what you'd expect- except..
* It was good to see an act fairly close up the Apollo is a good venue.
* He seemed to be a genuine fan of London.

Be warned if you go and see him he's loud and there are flashing lights (seriously).
* The encore was brilliant with Mr K going walk about through the audience - really great - it was during a prolonged version of Let Love Rule.
Not so sure aboutLen's taste in support acts Raphael Saddiq - he had some fans tho'
Lenny is also, I'm,please to report a 'right on' guy supporting good things.
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