Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Windows 7 TuneUp Suite 4.7.680

I (like a few others!) have been given the chance to review the Digeus System Optimizer – the review is not biased and I take it as a good sign that they’re happy for the package to stand on it’s own merits.

I’m running Windows 7 at home and I’ve been a little unhappy with my PC in the last few months, (crashing and so forth) there are a number of tools out there which are designed to tune and remove troublesome files.
The one I can now comment on is the Digeus System Optimizer it’s a whole suite that is ideal for removing irritations and speeding performance – it’s quick to download and requires no specialist knowledge to set it up.
The first of the tools on my I used was the Registry Cleaner the first run through showed in excess of 1600 invalid entries which I must say seemed pretty staggering from what I can find out these ‘invalid registry entries’ can slow PC performance before deleting I was given the opportunity to back up the registry – as a first time user I thought this was safest so I did this it took a few minutes to create the back up which I put on an SDHC card – then I selected ‘fix selected invalid entries’ and they were gone – all looked good.

The next step was to have a go at duplicate files (as I’ve got a couple of large disks well over 2GB I left this to trundle along while I had a pancake or two). update 15/09/2010 after about 15 hours no duplicates found - I'd be careful when I choose to do this it takes time!

It’s got a help file and for me (a PC user rather than a Geek) it was fine to use some bits take time so be patient and follow the instructions– I’ll be revisiting and trying other elements within the suite. I’ll let you know in a few weeks if my perception is that performance is improved – e-mail me if you have questions or comments.
The package includes the following elements – I’ve highlighted the bits I’ve used so far…

* Digeus Data Encryptor
* Digeus Disk Space Analyzer
* Digeus Drivers and Programs
* Digeus Duplicate Files Finder
* Digeus Icon Manager
* Digeus IE Manager
* Digeus Junk Files Cleaner
* Digeus Memory Cleaner
* Digeus Multimedia Settings Tweaker
* Digeus Optimization Wizard
* Digeus Privacy Protection
* Digeus Process Manager
* Digeus Registry Cleaner
* Digeus Registry Defragmenter
* Digeus Repair System Settings
* Digeus Service Manager
* Digeus File Shredder
* Digeus Smart Uninstaller
* Digeus Startup Manager
* Digeus System Customization
* Digeus System Info
* Digeus System Security Tweaker
* Digeus System Speed Optimizer
* Digeus Unnecessary Files Cleaner
update 2 16/09/2010 - still facing some issues with my display but no PC crash since my fisrst tuing
If you are interested to review the suite you can create a review in any blog/forum/twitter/facebook, etc, just contact alise.johnson@digeus.com with link to the review and she will issue a "reg" code for you
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