Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The BBC are looking for partners....

Now forgive me for being cynical but at a time when the BBC are under both the microscope and attack by its opponents is it a coincidence that it starts multiple dialogues all which have about them an element of 'open''co-operation' and 'sharing'?

Kerstin Mogull, the BBC's Future Media & Technology Chief Operating Officer (Swedish) was a late substitute for the Director of BBC Future Media and Technology Erik Huggers (Dutch) at the IET's Appleton lecture (sadly nothing to do with those All Saints sisters) and seemed in her presentation to be very keen to follow the Beeb's line on how it wants to both keep competition and plurality but is driven by a desire to share technological advances.

As well as potentially bailing out ITV in the regional news space it's happy to share iPlayer, Canvas and its production expertise- some say that really it'll share pretty much anything as long as it's not the licence fee - but with the UK's Parliamentarians ignoring the Culture secretary's steer this might still be on the cards and the idea of 'top slicing' would almost certainly sbe omething that an incoming Tory government would take a closer look at.

(why is it that Public services feel the need to continue to ape the commercial sector in their job titles?)
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