Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Last call for survey! and ITV share price drops

Just to let you know that Friday 16th will be the last day for returns to the survey - if you have messages or comments after that fine just e-mail ITVPlaySurvey@btopenworld.com Don't forget there's still the chance for a prize!!!!

On a related subject I read in my paper today that ITV's share price is at disappointing level ( mid 80s) I think it might be a tad undervalued and bid talk might be on the agenda again when SKY's future involvement becomes clearer. Having said that there continue to be structural worries over long term future of TV advertising. One of the few bright spots is likely to be an easing on the issue of product placement in the EU region which could bring fresh cash to the business (it is already a good generator of cash for the US nets).
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